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Give To The Annual City vs County Food Drive

Post Date:01/09/2018 9:38 AM

2018 Annual City vs County Food Drive

Greenwood County and Greenwood City employees are again holding an annual friendly competition to see who can gather the most pounds of non-perishable food!  Donations are distributed to those in need in our community via Greater Greenwood United MinistryGreenwood Food Bank, and Greenwood Soup Kitchen.  For 2017, Greenwood City and County staff pulled together 7,000 pounds of canned goods and other non-perishable items.   Would you like to help the City and contribute non-perishable food or funds to purchase food?  Donations can be brought to City Hall (520 Monument Street). 


Julie Wilkie 

Assistant City Manager

(864) 942-8412 

 Greater Greenwood United Minstry 
 Canned Meats - Salmon, Tuna, Hash, Beef Stew, Spam, & Treat Meat
 Dry - Spaghetti
 Spaghetti Sauce
 Boxed Macaroni & Cheese
 2 lb bags – Grits, Rice, Flour, Meal, and Sugar


 Greenwood Food Bank
 Regular sized cans of vegetables  (Green Beans, Corn, Peas, etc)
 Dried Beans
 Canned Meats
 2 lb bags of grits, rice and/or sugar


 Greenwood Soup Kitchen
 Spam and Treat Meat
 Large Jars/Cans of Peanut Butter, Grape Jelly, Veg-All Mixed Vegetables, and Tomato Juice
Instant Powdered Tea with Lemon