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Organizational structure:

The Greenwood Police Department consists of three divisions, Patrol Services, Administration Services, Investigations Services.  Each division is made up of units and various components.

Patrol Services Division:

The Patrol Services Division is commanded by a Major, who reports to the Chief of Police and is responsible for command, control, and supervision of all patrol operations as well as the following staff functions and sections and units, which report directly to him.

Patrol Operations:  Responsible for designing and implementing policies, procedures, strategies and tactics for carrying out the patrol functions of the department.  Includes evaluating calls for service and other work requirements, and assigning patrol resources to beats or sectors to efficiently deliver law enforcement services.

Civil Disturbances, Labor Disputes & Strikes:  Responsible for developing plans and as the officer-in-charge for civil disturbances, to include: riots; disorders; political demonstrations; strikes and labor disputes; any unusual occurrence or potentially violent action which may arise from dissident gatherings, marches or demonstrations.  Responsible for coordinating mass arrests, and for the periodic inspection and maintenance of equipment in a state of operational readiness.

Emergency and Disaster Planning:  Responsible for formulating and annually updating emergency plans for the department's role in handling natural and man-made disasters, such as hazardous chemical spills; floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes; train derailments; bomb threats; and, other disasters.  Responsibilities also include VIP protection, barricaded persons and the department's role in special operations.  Coordinator for emergency mobilization, and for periodically  testing for officer availability.

Fleet Management:  The administration, management and maintenance of all vehicles that come under the control and responsibility of the Greenwood Police Department.  Includes ensuring that a weekly inventory is conducted of all items specified to be carried in every patrol car.

Zoning and Sign Enforcement:  Responsible for the daily inspection of City property, public right-of-ways and private property where signs are posted in violation of city sign ordinances or zoning laws. Also responsible for the department's activities related to abandoned and junk motor-vehicle violations on both public and private property within in the City of Greenwood.  Works as the liaison to assist the city building department with enforcement actions for zoning offenses where police action is required.

Patrol Coverage:  The Patrol Services Division is broken into four teams that provide continuous twenty-four hour per day preventive patrol coverage and response to calls for service within the City of Greenwood, to include: patrol directed to the prevention of crime; traffic enforcement, direction and control; suppressing disturbances; apprehension of offenders; responding to calls for service; rendering aid, relief and assistance to citizens as circumstances require; preliminary investigations of crimes, offenses, incidents and conditions; initial interviews with victims, suspects, and witnesses; providing emergency services; collection, preservation, processing, analysis, and evaluation of evidence; developing good relationship between the police and the community; recovery of stolen property; preparation of any reports as necessary; and presentation of court testimony.

Each team is commanded by a Captain, who reports to the Patrol Major, with an assistant supervisor (Lieutenant) to act as officer-in-charge in their absence.

Duties of Patrol Services Team/Unit Commanders:  Each Patrol Services team/unit commander has the authority and the responsibility for the management, direction and control of the operations of their respective team/unit, to include: scheduling the work hours of the individual officers assigned to their team/unit in accordance with proper procedure; deploying personnel to deal with patrol problems or tactical situations identified by requests for service, crime analysis, arrest patterns or special events; determining special enforcement needs such as undercover or vice operations, and implementing tactics to deal with these needs; issuing orders and memorandums for control of the operation of their team/unit, consistent with departmental policies and procedures; and exercising line supervision and control of preliminary investigations and other specialized personnel at the scene of an on-going incident.

Traffic Unit:  The Traffic Unit's basic responsibilities are responding and investigating most accidents, enforcing traffic laws, enforcing parking, and handling most escorts during the hours of their work.  The unit is commanded by a Lieutenant who is responsible for traffic analysis, enforcement, direction, and control aimed to promote the safe and efficient movement of vehicles within the community.  Directs the selective enforcement and alcohol countermeasures programs, and traffic accident investigation.  The Traffic Unit Lieutenant is also delineated responsibility and supervision of the parking enforcement and school crossing guards.

Warrant Service:  This unit consists of three officers who report to the Patrol Major and are primarily responsible for handling all issues dealing with arrest warrant service and legal processes mandated to be performed by the department.  Ensures that all arrest warrants are properly entered and updated in the computer management system and tracks all attempts at service.

Narcotics Detection Canines:  The narcotics detection canines and handlers are commanded by the Patrol Major, but may be immediately supervised by the on-duty patrol supervisor.  The purpose of the narcotics detection canines is for the enforcement of narcotic laws and drug interdiction, and for such other duties as may be directed by the Chief of Police.  The narcotics detection canines and handlers are on a twenty-four hour, on-call basis, for canine narcotic detection by conducting vehicle and building searches for the purposes of obtaining evidence of a crime and detecting the presence of concealed narcotics.

Parking Enforcer:  A civilian position under the command of the Traffic Unit Lieutenant and is responsible for enforcing the overtime parking violations in the posted timed parking areas in the downtown business district as well as all parking violations in accordance with the City of Greenwood Municipal Ordinance pertaining to parking.

Animal Control Officer: A civilian position under the command of the Patrol Major and is responsible for picking up stray animals, dead animals and providing cages, traps or other services concerning animal complaints within the city.  Also acts as the department's liaison to the Greenwood County Animal Shelter.

Administrative Services Division:

The Administration Services Division is under the command of a Major, with an assistant supervisor (Lieutenant) to act as officer-in-charge in his absence.  The Administration Services Major reports to the Chief of Police and is responsible for command, control, and supervision of support operations as well as the following staff functions and Units/Sections, which report directly to him.

Requisitions and Invoices:  Responsibility for budget management, payroll accountability, departmental purchasing and billing, developing specifications for items requiring standardized purchases; bidding procedures; maintaining rental agreements for equipment; assist the Chief of Police in tracking the initial appropriation in each line item, the balances at the commencement of the monthly period, the expenditures made during the month, and the remaining unencumbered balance; and, other fiscal non-cash management functions.

Payroll and Compensatory Time:  Responsible for reviewing the weekly time sheets and ensures proper procedures are followed in the use of sick time, compensatory time, holiday time and vacation, and ensures that proper forms have been used and procedures have been followed for granting time off requests.  Acts as the liaison with the City administrative office for health care, retirement, worker's compensation, salary and benefits, and any other salary augmentation or conditions of compensation.

Liaison with other city departments:  Maintains contact with, and assists members of the service department, fire department, building maintenance department, building inspection and zoning department, and the administrative office to carry out joint responsibilities or responsibilities that should be transferred to another department.

Facility maintenance:  Responsible for ensuring the maintenance and repair of the lights, heating, and air conditioning of the physical structure of the police department.  Works as liaison with the building maintenance department.

Forms review and accountability:  Responsible for development, modification, approval and review of all forms used by the department.  Ensures that the format for forms is consistent with the records maintenance and data processing requirements of the department.

Personnel Processes:  Includes the management, implementation, and review of the department's role in programs and processes related to: recruitment; EEO and affirmative action; selection: compliance with ADA and OSHA requirements; promotion and personnel  evaluation.

Internal Affairs Investigations:  Involves documenting the investigation, either formally or informally of allegations of police misconduct, commendations, and other pertaining to the internal affairs function of the Greenwood Police Department.  Ensures that the integrity of the department is maintained through an internal system where objectivity, fairness, and justice are assured by the intensive, impartial, investigation and review of complaint of misfeasance, malfeasance or non-feasance against police officers.  The internal affairs function being assigned in no way relieves any departmental supervisors of their obligation to maintain discipline and to investigate and document violations committed by personnel under their command.

Crime Analysis Function:  Responsible for all aspects of the collection, collation, and analysis, dissemination, feed-back analysis, and program evaluation of crime analysis information.

Career Development:  Career Development is the structured process by which the department provides opportunities for individual growth and development of skills, knowledge and abilities to individual officers.  Primary in this program is the focus on development of general and specialized skills among the line police officers, to promote productive, effective and efficient job performance in all of the responsibilities of the department.  Provides skill development training to employees to prepare them for promotional opportunities or for appointment to specialized assignments.

Public Information and Media Relations:  Authorized to act as the Public Information Officer (spokesperson) for the department, and as liaison with the news media.  Coordinates the gathering and dissemination of news release to the media and public.

Accreditation:  Responsible for the management, administration, and review of the Department's activities in attaining and maintaining accreditation with the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.  Serves as the department's Accreditation Manager.

Records Section:  Supervises the central records function of the department, as well as line command of the civilian personnel assigned to the records section.  Responsible for the privacy and security precautions for records, in accordance with applicable laws, and for the physical security of records.

Training Coordinator:  This officer reports to the Administration Services Division Major and is responsible for the coordination of all specialized, remedial, in-service, roll-call and advanced training (internal and external).  This includes the review of lesson plans, and scheduling of all training classes.  Responsible for the development, review and approval of the annual comprehensive training plan, and for the maintenance of and updating of training files on all employees of the department.

Responsible for maintaining FTO and recruit training, through their complete probationary period.  Serves as department liaison with the training academy and with all supplemental training for newly-hired personnel in department rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Serves as the Terminal Agency Coordinator for the department and will be responsible for coordination of audits, compliance measures, and NCIC validations.

Responsible for the internal procedures and identification, marking and tracking of all equipment owned by the City and used by the Police Department.  Responsible for inspection and care of departmental equipment and conducting annual inventories of all major items of equipment.

Responsible for the requisition, storage, issue, maintenance, and accounting of uniforms and personal protective equipment issued to or utilized by all police personnel who perform law enforcement functions.

Crime Scene Technician/Evidence/Property Custodian:  This officer reports to the Administration Services Division Major and is responsible for the department's evidence/property.  In addition, this officer is responsible for processing crime scenes, maintenance of the evidence/property room, and the enforcement of state and local laws relating to public safety and welfare.  This officer is on a twenty-four hour, on-call basis, to secure crime scenes, secure property, and gather physical evidence, such as; fingerprints, photographs, blood, hair, and fibers.  The officer will also be responsible for completing diagrams/sketches and preserve evidence for court as well as the care, maintenance, and security of the evidence/property room and temporary storage areas.

Investigations Division:

The primary function of the Investigations Division is the follow-up investigation of criminal offenses that occur within the jurisdiction of the Greenwood Police Department and the eventual identification, apprehension, and successful prosecution of criminal offenders.  The Investigations Division will have responsibilities in the following areas:  reviewing departmental records, to include reviewing cases of a similar nature or committed at the same location; seeking additional information (from uniformed officer, informants, etc.); reviewing results from laboratory examinations; arranging for dissemination of information as appropriate; assisting in prosecution of criminal offenses; planning, organizing, and conducting searches; vice and organized crime control; maintaining informant contacts and informant files; preparing cases for court presentation; identifying and apprehending suspects; collecting physical evidence, properly logging the evidence in the property room, maintaining the chain of custody, and arranging for examination of that evidence by forensic experts; determining involvement of suspects in other crimes of a similar nature, and; checking suspect's criminal histories at local levels and national (NCIC) levels.

The Investigations Division is under the command of a Major (with a Lieutenant to act as officer-in-charge in his absence), who reports to the Chief of Police and is responsible for command and control of criminal investigations as well as the following staff functions:

Criminal Investigations:  Maintains the case screening system for criminal offenses and monitors case reports to ensure that preliminary investigations are conducted and solvability factors indicated on offense reports.  Screens and assigns cases to patrol officers or to investigative personnel for follow-up investigation, as appropriate.  Assists patrol officers with case preparation and preparing testimony for court.  Responsible for reviewing applications for search warrants, and assisting in executing such warrants.  Has primary responsibility for conducting follow-up investigations outside the jurisdiction of the City of Greenwood.

Narcotics Investigations:  The investigations division also has primary responsibility for the planning and execution of activities regarding the enforcement of narcotic laws and drug interdiction.  Investigators have access to specialized equipment and narcotics detection canines and handlers to assist.  The narcotics detection canines and handlers are currently assigned to team(s) in the Uniform Patrol Division and are on a twenty-four hour, on-call basis, for canine narcotic detection by conducting vehicle and building searches for the purposes of obtaining evidence of a crime and detecting the presence of concealed narcotics.

Organized Crime, Narcotics, and Vice:  Consists of the analysis, evaluation, and dissemination of data on crime trends in such areas as organized crime activities, gang and drug activities, terrorism, and civil disorders.  It also involves the gathering, exchanging, and coordination of information among other law enforcement agencies and the Greenwood Police Department.  Maintains liaison with SLED and other intelligence-gathering or covert law enforcement agencies.

Constitutional Safeguards:  It shall also be a primary duty of the Investigations Division to review arrests to ensure that all constitutional requirements are met during arrests and criminal investigations.  In particular, the Investigations Division is to be aware of constitutional safeguards in the areas of: coercion or involuntary nature of confessions and admissions; delay in arranging bond or in arraignment of defendants; failure to inform defendants of their rights; deprivation of counsel or access to counsel; and, unnecessary pretrial publicity by police which may prejudice a fair trial.

Crime Prevention:  This officer reports to the Investigations Division Major and is responsible for the implementation and supervision of aggressive community-oriented crime prevention programs based upon an analysis of crime patterns and community perceptions of crime.  Communicates the stated concerns of members of the community and strategies to deal with these concerns.  Responsible for all aspects of the community involvement function and media relations programs of the department and evaluating programs and measuring the effectiveness of efforts in this area.

Responsible for the formulation of policies, procedures, methods, strategies and tactics to implement, administer and sustain the department's Neighborhood Watch program.  Ensures that department personnel maintain strong ties with community groups interested in preventing crime.

Court Liaison/Juvenile Officer:  This officer reports to the Investigations Division Major and is responsible for the compiling and maintaining of all case files transmitted to General Sessions Court.  Acts as department's liaison for the Solicitor's Office, court and defense attorneys.  Handles all preliminary hearings and presents cases in court on behalf of officer.

Responsible for the development of juvenile programs designed to prevent juvenile delinquency, and departmental policies and procedures to carry out the department's role with juveniles.  Serves as juvenile court liaison and ensures that the legal criteria for enforcement actions taken against juveniles meet the directives issued by the Greenwood County Department of Juvenile Justice and the pertinent South Carolina revised code sections.