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Please feel free to make a service request to the Street Division by phone at (864) 942-8420 or fill-out an online request for services here.

Yard Waste Collection
The City of Greenwood does collect yard waste disposed by City residents. The City will collect: grass clippings, leaves, and limbs. Place your items in separate piles at least 3 feet away from other obstacles such as mailboxes, utility poles, and automobiles. Limbs should be separated from leaves. Yard waste should NOT be placed in the street, gutter, ditch, sidewalk, nor on properties other than the premises of the depositor. PLEASE NOTE - All yard waste, trash, refuse or debris resulting from building, repairing, remodeling, or any kind of construction shall be moved by the landscaping contractor, owner of the property, or person having done the work.

Seasonal Yard Waste

Seasonal Yard Waste Collection
Residents are welcome to either bag their leaves or deposit them at the street/curb. The City of Greenwood uses a vacuum system to remove leaves from the right-of-way. Please help us with our leaf collection services by separating leaves from branches and limbs. DO NOT mix garbage waste with environmental materials.

Utility Trailers
The City of Greenwood provides a utility trailer for large home clean-up projects for environmental waste (leafs, limbs, and other similar debris) completed by the homeowner at no charge. Only City of Greenwood solid waste customers will be eligible to use the utility trailers. A private landscaping contractor is required to remove all environmental debris cleaned during a contracted job. The use of a utility trailer must be scheduled by calling (864) 942-8420.

Bulk Waste and “White Good” Removal
The City of Greenwood provides a collection route for these items. It is estimated that this route collects in each City neighborhood approximately every two weeks. Bulk waste includes items such as furniture, carpeting, small appliances, large toys, mattresses, box springs or other large items that do not fit into your garbage cart. White goods are defined as large metal appliances such as washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators and hot water heaters. We cannot accept compressed gas containers such as propane tanks or bottles. We will not accept any fluid liquid container such as gas, oil cans/drums, or paint. For the safety of children, please remove all doors before placing items at curb. If you are placing a large amount of material on the street, please contact the City of Greenwood at (864) 942-8420 or fill-out an online request for services here to schedule a pick-up.

Sidewalk Repair

Sidewalk/Road Maintenance
The Public Works Department provides sidewalk and road maintenance for all City of Greenwood owned streets. It is important to understand that approximately 80% of the roads inside of the City limits are owned and maintained by the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) . A complete list of street ownership inside of the City of Greenwood can be downloaded here. To report a pothole or other roadway concern, please call (864) 942-8420 or fill-out an online request for services here.

Stormwater Pipe

Storm Drain Construction & Maintenance
The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining all City of Greenwood owned drainage systems and constructing/upgrading minor drainage systems where needed. Note that many storm drainage systems inside of the City are privately owned and maintained. Additionally, the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) owns and maintains storm drain systems within their right-of-way. Maintenance of storm drains includes pipe and catch basin cleaning, pipe replacement, ditch cleaning and regarding, inlet/outlet stabilization, repair of catch basin tops, and easement maintenance. City crews also perform construction of new or upgraded drainage facilities.

Street Sweeping
In an effort to curb the amount of waste and debris that enters into the City of Greenwood storm drainage system, the City provides street sweeping services along curbed streets on an on-going basis.

Grass Cutting

Beautification/Right of Way Maintenance
The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the right-of-ways and street trees along City owned streets. Maintenance includes litter removal, weed control, mowing shoulders, brush cutting, low-hanging/dead limb pruning, fallen tree removal and assessment of problem trees.

Mosquito Control
In an effort to reduce the number of mosquitoes, the City of Greenwood does provide mosquito control through an integrated mosquito management program of larval management to reduce immature mosquitoes in their water environment and spraying at nighttime for mature flying mosquitoes. Please note that the City will not spray in areas of the City where residents have requested that no spraying be administered.