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You can protect your family and your property by following these fire safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association and State Fire Marshal's Office.

Before a Fire Happens:

  1. Locate the pull stations and learn how to operate them.
  2. Have two plans of escape from your apartment and practice them with your family. Never use an elevator.
  3. Test your smoke detector monthly and replace the battery annually.
  4. Know your emergency phone number. In Greenwood County, the emergency phone number is 911.
When a Fire or Smoke is Discovered:
  1. If you find a fire or smoke, activate the fire alarm, no matter how small. Then call the fire department. Do not depend on anyone else to call.
  2. If you are in your apartment and the fire alarm is activated, get your family together. Feel the door with the back of your hand to see if the door is hot. If it is not hot, open the door slightly to check for smoke and fire. If it is clear, leave the building quickly and calmly, closing your apartment door behind you. Bring your key with you.
  3. If there is light smoke or it is dark, crawl to the exit. Remember smoke and toxic gases rise.
  4. If you encounter heavy smoke and heat, try your second escape route.
  5. If both routes are blocked, return to your apartment.
What to do if you are trapped in your apartment by fire and smoke:
  1. Stay calm and do not panic.
  2. Keep your door closed.
  3. Place wet towels and duct tape around the cracks of the doors. This will help keep out smoke and toxic gases.
  4. Turn off heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC).
  5. Go to a room with an outside window.
  6. Open the top and bottom of the window slightly. This will let fresh air in the bottom and smoke out the top.
  7. Place a sheet or towel out the window to signal the fire department.
  8. If possible, call the fire department and let them know you are trapped.