People with Disabilities

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For Emergencies Plan Ahead
If you are disabled, think about what you should do in case of fire, and talk it over with others. The Greenwood Fire Department can help you make a practical escape plan. Include other household members in your plan.

Live Near an Exit
If you live in an apartment, you will be safest on the ground floor. In a two-story house, arrange to sleep on the first floor. Being on the ground floor and near an exit will make your escape easier. If necessary, have a ramp constructed for emergency exits. Be sure to have a telephone by your bed.

Install Smoke Detectors
A working smoke detector can save your life in case of fire, warning you while there is still time to escape. Have your smoke detector installed outside your sleeping area and on every level of your home, including the basement. Have them tested monthly according to the manufacturers' instructions. Be sure to have the batteries replaced at least once a year. Special smoke detectors that use a strobe light or vibrator to alert hearing impaired people are available.

Your Fire Department Can Help

You should let the Fire Department know about your special needs, and ask them for suggestions as you make your escape plan. Memorize the Fire Department emergency number (911), and post it on all phones. Make sure your address is clearly marked so that firefighters can see it from the street.