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Current Term Original Appointment
Donald Long March 2021 March 2009
Dr. Daniel Harrison August 2021 August 2012
Shelley Gilchrist October 2021 October 2012
Calhoun Mays, III March 2021 March 2015
Lesley Lane June 2021 June 2018
Courtney T. R. Furman November 2021 November 2018
Anne Gunby March 2022 March 2019


Terms of Membership (City of Greenwood Zoning Ordinance 11.9.3)

A. Members shall assume their duties at the first regular meeting after appointment to
the Board.

B. Terms of the members of the Board shall be for three (3) years or until their
successors are appointed. Terms of initial appointees shall be staggered so that one
(1) member will serve for one (1) year, two (2) members will serve for two (2) years,
and two (2) members will serve for three (3) years.

C. Members of the Board may be appointed to succeed themselves up to a maximum of
two (2) full terms. Thereafter, members may be appointed only after they have been
off the Board at least one (1) year.

D. The governing body of any participating municipality or county may remove any
member of the Board appointed by it for cause. A vacancy for any reason shall be
filled for the unexpired term.

E. Members of the Board shall not hold an elective office and shall serve without pay.
Members may be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in the performance of
their duties from available funds approved in advance.