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Accommodations Tax Grants

The City of Greenwood annually accepts applications for Accommodations Tax Grants. These grants are provided to eligible programs/projects through revenue received by the City of Greenwood for its share of the 2% lodging tax levied by the State of South Carolina. These funds may only be used for activities related to tourism in specific categories.

The application period has closed for FY22-23.

Funding Categories

  1. Advertising and promotion of tourism

  2. Promotion of arts and cultural events

  3. Facilities for civic and cultural events

  4. Tourist transportation

  5. Operating visitor information centers

Entities applying for funding must be a non-profit organization, or represent a non-profit organization, registered with the Secretary of State of South Carolina.

For detailed information regarding how State Accommodations Tax Funds can be spent, please refer to Section 6-4-10 of the South Carolina Code of Laws and the Department of Revenue’s official advisory opinion contained in the SC REVENUE Ruling #98-22. This information is available online at

Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee
An Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee, mandated by the State of South Carolina, reviews applications and makes recommendations to City Council for the award of A-Tax funds.  These recommendations are reviewed, and are ultimately awarded by, Greenwood City Council. Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee members are selected from the hospitality and lodging industries, as well as from the community at large.  Accommodations Tax expenditures are also reviewed by the State of South Carolina’s Tourism Expenditure Review Committee (TERC) who looks to distinguish between events attended primarily by those in the local community from those events that are designed for and attended primarily by non-residents who come from outside the community.

FY2022-23 Accommodations Tax Grant Application
FY2022-23 Final Accountability Report Form
Project Category Definitions

Questions should be directed to Sara O'Dell

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