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Former Greenwood Foundry Site

Site Location - 1801 Foundry Road

Site Background -

According to Greenwood County tax records, the subject property consists of one parcel of land encompassing approximately 16.6 acres.  The subject property is identified by Tax Map Serial (TMS) Number 6855-515-137 and is currently owned by the Greenwood Housing Authority, Inc. 

The subject property is the former location of Greenwood Mills Foundry, which consisted of four corrugated steel structures with an estimated area of 16,000 square feet. These structures housed a foundry used to make cast iron parts for Greenwood Mills until 1985. At that point, Greenwood Mills closed the foundry and leased the site to Synehi Castings, Inc. who performed similar foundry operations until 1997. Synehi continued to lease the property and stored machinery at the site until 2004 when it was sold to the Greenwood Housing Authority. In 2006, the Greenwood Housing Authority demolished the structures.  

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