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Hospitality Tax Grants

The 2023 Hospitality Tax Grant application period is closed.

What is Hospitality Tax (H-Tax)?
A 2% Hospitality Tax is collected on all prepared food and beverages sold in the City of Greenwood.  From the revenues collected, the City of Greenwood offers funding through the Hospitality Tax Grant program. All proceeds from the local hospitality tax are kept in a separate fund segregated from the city’s general fund.

How can H-Tax revenues be spent?
H-Tax funds may be used for organizations/events/programs that promote the attraction of tourism and dining within the city limits.  Grant applications are considered eligible when they meet South Carolina State Law restrictions (S.C. Code 6‐1‐730) on the use of Hospitality Tax funds and when they meet City of Greenwood H-Tax Expenditure Policy.

In order to support efforts of local partners to promote tourism and quality of life in the City of Greenwood, City Council may designate a portion of the annual hospitality tax revenue for competitive grant awards. Council will decide the amount of such portion annually.

City Council makes the final decision on all allocations of city hospitality tax funds, including any allocations made through the competitive grant process..

What are the grant eligibility requirements? 

  • All applicants for the competitive grant process must have an IRS Not For Profit status or be a governmental agency.
  • The organization must reside or the Event/Project must take place within the corporate limits of the City of Greenwood.
  • Organization/Project/Event must promote the attraction of tourist and/or promote dining in the City of Greenwood.  Greenwood City Council has determined a tourist to be anyone travelling from 50 miles outside of the city limits.
  • All projects/events must be completed during the fiscal year in which they are funded. Fiscal year begins July 1, and ends on June 30.
  • Grantee organizations must not re-grant City H-Tax funds to other organizations. All funds must be spent on direct expenditures by the organization that receives the allocation.

What is the Hospitality Tax Grant review process?
Once the application period for H-Tax grant funds has closed, the eligibility for all applications will be verified by an Advisory Committee comprised of city staff.  The Advisory Committee will provide funding recommendations to City Council to review.  Allocations will be made in conjunction with City Council's adoption of the annual budget.

2023 Hospitality Tax Grant Information and Expenditure Policy
2023 Hospitality Tax Grant Application
H-Tax Grant Reimbursement Request Form

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