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Outside City Limits Businesses

New: If your business is located in Greenwood County you must have a completed Code Clearance Form approved by the appropriate agencies. Once this form has been completed, please contact the Building Inspection Department (942-8424) to receive a Certificate of Occupancy. A copy of the Certificate of Occupancy, code clearance form and a business license application must be submitted in person to the Finance Department for approval of your business license request.

If your business is NOT located in Greenwood County you simply need to fill out a business license application and submit it to the Finance Department for approval and payment of the appropriate fee.

Renewal: You should receive a renewal form by January 30 of each year. In order to renew your business license you will need to submit the application and proper payment. To determine your license fee, you may use the online rate calculator or contact our office at (864) 942-8419. Your rate code can be found on the business license renewal form or you may contact our office for assistance. IF YOU HAVE HAD A CITY OF GREENWOOD BUSINESS LICENSE FOR LESS THAN 3 FULL YEARS, please contact our office as your fee may need to be adjusted.

To obtain additional information on the City’s Business License call (864) 942-8419 or send an email to
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