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Legal & Inspection Info

The City of Greenwood has adopted the latest edition of the International Fire Code. The Fire Prevention Office enforces numerous fire codes within the City limits of Greenwood. For additional information, please contact the City’s Fire Marshal at (864) 942-8453.

The following are some of the major fire codes enforced by staff of the City of Greenwood Fire Department.

South Carolina Smoke Detector Statute
Smoke Detectors Save Lives!

The City’s Fire Marshal enforces the following South Carolina statue regarding the use of smoke detectors:

    • 5-25-1310. Smoke detectors required for one-family and two- family dwellings, including manufactured housing.
    • 5-25-1320. Battery operated detectors permitted in certain existing dwellings.
    • 5-25-1330. Responsibility of owner of dwelling to supply and install smoke detectors in rental dwellings and housing; instructions for operation of detectors; notice of deficiencies in detectors; repair or replacement of detector.
    • 5-25-1340. Conveyances or transfer of real estate prohibited unless smoke detectors have been installed and are functioning.
    • 5-25-1360.
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The simplest rule for locating the first Smoke Alarm in your home should be between the bedrooms and the rest of the house, but closer to the bedrooms. If you are installing multiple alarms, and you've put one near each sleeping area, it is a good idea to make certain there is one on each level of the house. The basement ceiling, near the steps to the rest of the house, is another good location.

Citizens requiring assistance with a smoke detector should call the Fire Prevention Office at (864) 942-8453.

Fire Extinguishers

A state licensed fire extinguisher contractor shall inspect all fire extinguishers annually. If a contractor should remove a fire extinguisher from the premises to repair or hydro-test, the contractor is to leave a replacement until he returns the original.

Portable Heaters
Portable heaters can be dangerous when used improperly. Here are some safety items you need to remember. Portable heaters are only allowed in one or two family dwellings. Never leave a kerosene heater unattended while in use. Never operate a kerosene heater in a room without proper ventilation. Never use gasoline or any other fuel in a heater designed for kerosene. This could cause the fuel to boil over and out of the tank and create a major fire. Additionally, never leave electric heaters plugged "in" when not in use. Check and make sure that the portable heater that you purchase is listed by an approved testing laboratory such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Sprinklers and Standpipes
When sprinkler and/or standpipe systems are installed, the plans shall be submitted and approved by the State Fire Marshal's office. In addition, plans are required to be submitted to the City of Greenwood Fire Department. On final inspection, an approval letter from the State Fire Marshal's office shall be placed on file.

The sprinkler contractor shall complete the contractor's material and test certificate for aboveground piping. The installer of the belowground piping shall complete the belowground piping certificate. Both certificates shall be available upon completion of the work. Copies shall be made available to the City of Greenwood Fire Department.

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