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Tickets & Bonds

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Traffic Tickets

If you are issued a traffic summons by the Greenwood Police Department, you may either post the bond at the Municipal Court Office located at 520 Monument Street or appear in court at the date and time indicated. Fines are due on the day of court. Contact the Municipal Court Office for questions regarding the actual amount of fine and when and where you are to appear at (864) 942-8474.

Parking Tickets
Parking tickets must be paid on or prior to the court date and time. If you fail to do so a penalty fee of $10.00 will be accessed in addition to the original fine amount. To contest a parking ticket, you must appear in court on the date and time indicated on the parking ticket.

Warrants for a defendant’s arrest in violation of the criminal laws of the State of South Carolina or Municipal Ordinances may only be signed by a law enforcement officer.

If a crime has been committed against you, report the crime to the Greenwood Police Department. The police will then investigate the crime and obtain warrants if the case warrants and probable cause is found.

Payment of Bonds & Fines

The Greenwood Municipal Court accepts, credit and debit card payments on line for a fee of 4% in addition to the amount of fine paid. Click here to PAY ONLINE. To search by ticket number, you must enter the last eight digits of your ticket number at the bottom of your Uniform Traffic Ticket.  If you pay by mail, only a cashier's check or money order will be accepted. Cash payments will only be allowed if made in person at the Court Office at 520 Monument Street.

The cashier's check or money order must be made out to the CITY OF GREENWOOD. Please include on the cashier’s check or money order the full name of the person and the citation number of the person that received the traffic summons. Failure to do so may not ensure proper credit being given.

These payments can be mailed to:
Greenwood Municipal Court
P.O. Box 40
Greenwood, SC 29648
or they can be dropped in our 24 hour drop box located at the front entrance to the Municipal Building:

Greenwood Municipal Court
520 Monument Street
Greenwood, SC 29648
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