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Planning Commission

The Greenwood City/County Joint Planning Commission is the local body that makes recommendations concerning the development and redevelopment of the community, namely rezoning applications. The Planning Commission also works with staff to regulate the subdivision of land within the City. By South Carolina Code, the local planning commission has the responsibility to prepare and revise plans for development. 

Regular meetings of the Planning Commission are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM. Meetings are held in the Veteran’s Auditorium of the Greenwood County Library located at 600 S Main Street, Greenwood.

For additional information, please visit the Planning webpage on the Greenwood County Website.

Planning Commission Meeting Schedule

City Appointments    
Commissioner Current Term Original Appointment
Graham Duncan, Chair January 2022 January 2022
Tiffany Goodman-Stevens January 2022 January 2022
Toya Davis January 2022 January 2022
James Jones November 2023 January 2023
Bryson Bouknight November 2023 April 2021
Planning Staff    
Carol Coleman    
(864) 942-8716    
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