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Keeping You Safe

- Check your exterior lighting to make sure that it is functional. If you have areas of the property around your building/home that are dark, you may want to speak to an electrician about installing extra lighting. Motion-activated lights can be a great way to deter criminals without putting a huge burden on your utility bill.
- Check all door and window locks to make sure they are fuctioning properly. If you recently purchased your home, it may be advisable to have it re-keyed so that no one has access to your residence.
- Security cameras come in many shapes and sizes. Installing something as simple as a doorbell camera can help deter some criminals and help to identify anyone who still tries to commit a theft.  Many local stores offer security camera box sets that are simple to set up and use.
- Light timers and other automation can help to simulate occupancy even if you are away from home. Dusk to dawn light controllers also help to prevent lights from being left on during daylight.

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- Consider sharing your location on your phone with someone close to you. This way, if there is a problem, they can assist law enforcement in locating you quickly.
- If you are walking to your car after dark, make sure that you have your keys ready before walking outside. Avoid talking on your phone when you're out alone so that you can be more aware of what is going on around you.
- Choose your parking spot wisely. If you can park near a street light or other vehicles, it may discourage a criminal from targeting you. Having access to the horn button on your key fob can be helpful if you encounter an uncomfortable situation.
- Remove all valuables from your vehicle and lock your doors. Criminals typically look for the easiest opportunities to steal things. If you're out shopping, place your items in the trunk of your vehicle so that they are not visible to others in the parking lot.
- Always remove your firearms from the vehicle when you park it overnight.
- Use caution when posting information on your social media. If you announce that you're going on vacation, you may be giving someone information about when your home will be most vulnerable. Personal information shared online can also be used to commit financial fraud or identity theft.

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The Greenwood Police Department is committed to keeping our city safe. For more information terrorism prevention and the fight against human trafficking, you can visit the Department of Homeland Security website.
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