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Yard & Bulk Waste

The City of Greenwood has created a flyer to help illustrate the "Dos and Don'ts" of curbside collection. In the coming weeks, City Code Enforcement will begin distributing these flyers to inform City residents how to best set yard and bulk waste piles out for better curbside service.  Any observed violation will be noted on the flyer with a brief timeline for residents to correct the pile and help City staff make sure it is collected. Questions? Please contact Code Enforcement at (864) 942-8424 .

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The flyer may also be downloaded here.


The City of Greenwood collects yard waste disposed of by City residents.
  • Items Collected: Grass Clippings, Leaves, Limbs.
  • Place your items in separate piles at least 3 feet away from other obstacles such as mailboxes, utility poles, and automobiles.
  • Limbs should be separated from leaves.
  • Yard waste should NOT be placed in the street, gutter, ditch, sidewalk, nor on properties other than the premises of the depositor.
PLEASE NOTE - All building material, refuse or debris resulting from home repairs, remodeling, or any kind of construction shall be moved by the hired contractor, owner of the property, or person completing the work.



The City of Greenwood provides a collection route for these items. It is estimated that this route collects in each City neighborhood approximately every three weeks.

  • Items Include: furniture, small appliances, large toys, mattresses, box springs or other large items that do not fit into your garbage cart.
  • Other collection items "white goods" include: large metal appliances such as washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, etc.
  • We DO NOT accept trash, refuse or debris resulting from building, repairing, remodeling or any other type of construction activity 
  • We DO NOT accept compressed gas containers such as propane tanks or bottles.
  • We DO NOT accept any fluid liquid container such as gas, oil cans/drums, or paint.
  • For the safety of children, please remove doors from all items before placing items at curb.

If you are placing a large amount of material on the street, please contact the City of Greenwood at (864) 942-8436 or complete an online Request Form and we will contact you regarding collection.

The City of Greenwood may provide a utility trailer at no charge to residential property owners for large home clean-up projects that are completed by the homeowner. These trailers can be used for yard waste (leaves, limbs, and other similar debris) and other household projects and clean-up activities.  THE CITY OF GREENWOOD WILL NOT COLLECT CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS (any material used in making repairs, alterations or additions to real property).

Only City of Greenwood residential solid waste customers will be eligible to use the utility trailers. If you are hiring a private landscaping or construction contractor, he/she is responsible for the removal of all debris resulting from that job.

All property owners/residents requesting the use of a dump trailer must review and complete the Dump Trailer Agreement. Once this is complete, the request  will be automatically submitted to Public Works.

All property owners/residents requesting the use of a dump trailer must be present at the time of delivery.

Please call (864) 942-8434 with any questions.

Residents should either bag their leaves or deposit them directly at the street/curb. DO NOT block ditch or sidewalk or impede into the roadway. The City of Greenwood uses a vacuum system to remove leaves from the right-of-way. In order to assist the City, please separate leaves from branches and limbs. DO NOT mix garbage waste with environmental materials.

The City operates leaf, limb and bulk material collection in 13 zones that span the entire City. It takes approximately 3-5 weeks to collect all zones, depending on the time of year. If at any time, you would like to inquire as to our current Zone location, please contact the Sanitation Department at (864) 942-8436.


Greenwood Zone Map 8-10-2023

The following materials will not be picked up during residential collection. It is the responsibility of the resident to dispose of these items properly by taking them to the Greenwood County Landfill, or a County Convenience Center. Contact the Greenwood County Landfill at (864) 942-8627 or visit for more information.  

  • Batteries
  • Automobile fluids such as antifreeze, brake fluid or motor oil
  • Building materials
  • Fuel/oil tanks or drums
  • Propane or oxygen tanks
  • Railroad ties
  • Bricks, shingles, concrete blocks or ceramic tiles
  • Paint
  • Any items left by a hired contractor
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