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INDEX JOURNAL - Apr 23, 2022

Article & photo by: KELLY DUNCAN

The Greenwood Police Department is used to serving the community. But Friday, officers with the police department served the community in a different way — by partnering with Red Lobster to help raise money for the Special Olympics.
The police department’s ACE Team led the event and served customers by refilling drinks and bringing food to tables.
“It’s not originally our idea. It’s kind of a law enforcement-wide sort of thing. It’s just something we’ve always done in sponsorship of the Special Olympics. We’re lucky to have the cooperation and support of Red Lobster here in Greenwood,” Public Information Officer Jonathan Link said. “It’s a great opportunity to serve because we’ll be serving tables. I think it’ll be a good chance for officers to have face-to-face interactions with the public — just talking and joking with them. It helps tremendously that it supports a great cause and is doing something great for our community.”
At the end of the meal, officers handed an envelope to diners who were encouraged to donate to the Special Olympics. All of what officers brought in went to supporting the Special Olympics.
And if you missed this opportunity, Link said there is more to come from the ACE Team.
“They have quite a few things in the books this year that they want to do to support the Special Olympics. And this is something that hits home for a lot of us — officers who have family members with special needs or have children with special needs,” he said.
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