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Code Enforcement inspectors work in the Building Inspection Department. Code Enforcement Inspectors ensure that public health and quality of life are not compromised by violations of City ordinances designed to protect the health and safety of all residents. Action on a specific violation may be by a complaint submitted to the City or by an observation of the violation by a Code Enforcement Officer. The owner and/or person(s) in control of the property on which a violation occurs will be notified of the violation and given an opportunity to affect the necessary remedy. Failure to correct the violation within the specified time period may result in the City of Greenwood issuing a Municipal Court Summons to the responsible person(s) or abating the violation. The owner or responsible person(s) will then be billed for the costs of abating the violation and if the bill is not paid, a property lien will be recorded with the Greenwood County Clerk of Court.

Code Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions (Click each question to see the answer)

How do I report a possible violation?
Call the Code Enforcement Office at (864) 942-8478 or (864) 942-8424 or complete the Code Enforcement Request Form. Be prepared to give the street address and a brief description of the potential violation.
Do I have to leave my name and number?
No. Our offices receive and investigate anonymous complaints on a daily basis.
How do I know my complaint was acted upon?
The property owner or party in charge is given a reasonable period of time to abate the violation. If you’ve called in a complaint and do not see results within a reasonable period of time, please call our office again. Our office staff will gladly check the computer records and inform you of the status of your complaint.
What happens if I'm in violation?
First, if there is a violation found, a notice will be mailed to the property owner with a specific date by which the violation must be abated. If additional time is requested, the Code Enforcement Officer may extend the deadline if there is justification. Our goal is to achieve voluntary compliance through education, communication and cooperation. The City will follow through with court actions as a final means.
My whole neighborhood has violations. Why are you picking on me?
Our Inspectors ride throughout the City on a routine basis. A violation may be observed at any time. In addition, they respond to any and all complaints that come into our offices. If you believe we have missed a violation in your neighborhood, please call and ask an Inspector to investigate. In no way is this program designed to be used as a "selective enforcement" tool against any one citizen, group or business entity.
What are some of the more common code violations?
Abandoned (Unlicensed) Vehicles
It shall be unlawful for any person within the City of Greenwood to deposit, leave, park, abandon, keep or allow to be kept on any premise within the City limits, or upon any street, way, or alley, any motor vehicle not having a valid or current license plate and/or registration for said vehicle or to keep or allow to be kept any vehicle which has been dismantled or in the process of being dismantled or which is inoperable and is not maintained so that it may be operated on the city street, except when said vehicle is being repaired at the residence of the owner of the vehicle. If the motor vehicle does not have a valid registration or license tag, it shall be presumed that the vehicle has been abandoned.

Trash and Debris
It shall be unlawful for any person, including the owner, agent, or occupant of such premises, to maintain or permit to be maintained, and premises, including vacant lots or land, upon which trash, garbage, household appliances, furniture, discarded clothing, building materials, glass, wood, or miscellaneous refuse is permitted or caused to accumulate or grow in any manner which is or may become a public nuisance, or to place or leave the same adjacent to his premises or in any public place unless done pursuant to ordinance provided for its collection.

Grass and Overgrowth
It shall be unlawful for any person, including owner, agent, or occupant of such premises, to maintain or permit to be maintained, any premises, including building or structure, and any lot or land upon which grass, weeds or undergrowth is permitted or caused to accumulate or grow in any manner which is or may become a public nuisance.

Sub-Standard Housing
All residential properties must be in compliance with the International Property Maintenance Code (hot/cold water, heating, sanitary facilities, protective treatment, etc.). Several agencies are available to assist those persons whose properties may not be up to Code. For more information, contact our Housing Inspectors.

Outdoor Storage
Equipment, material or furnishings not designed for use outdoors, such as automobile parts and tires, building materials and interior furniture may not be stored outdoors. Additionally, goods and materials may not be stored so that they are visible from an abutting property or a public right-of-way.

Dead/Dying Trees

Dead, dying or damaged trees that present an imminent danger to life or property must be abated.
How can I search current and previous code violations for a particular property?
All residents have access to the Building Permit and Code Violation search tool at the link below. 

Simply enter the desired property address or parcel ID to see the detailed building permit and code violation history of any property in Greenwood County.
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