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Community Services


Animal Control Officer

Greenwood City Police employ a full-time Animal Control Officer. This officer works 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday. Some of the services offered by our Animal Control Officer include:

  • Catching stray/vicious dogs
  • Removing deceased animals from roadways
  • Advising citizens concerning state and city statutes applicable to the ownership of pets/livestock
  • Setting humane traps to capture pests
  • Coordinating our partnership with the Greenwood County Humane Society
  • Assisting police officers investigating incidents involving animals

Please be advised - Greenwood Police Department does not remove stray/feral cats. If you need to speak to the Animal Control Officer during normal working hours, you can call the Police Department at (864) 942-8405. If you encounter an aggressive animal, or a situation where the safety of an animal or the public may be at risk, please call 911 and advise a dispatcher. 

School Crossing Guards

The Greenwood Police Department currently employs three (3) School Crossing Guards. These civilian employees are on duty in front of various schools, rain or shine, to make sure that your children arrive at school safely. Crossing Guards direct traffic at important intersections in front of our Greenwood Schools every day. If you think you might be interested in serving your community in this capacity, please contact the Police Department at (864) 942-8405.

Victim's Assistance Services

The South Carolina Victim's & Witnesses Bill of Rights makes it possible for victims of criminal acts to obtain assistance while dealing with the aftermath of an incident. In many cases, victims can receive financial assistance to pay for medical bills resulting from the criminal incident. The advocates also make themselves available to help victims navigate the court process, answer any questions they have, and also petition on their behalf for other necessary restitution. This service is provided at no cost to the victim to help them recover from their ordeal and get back to their normal lives. 

Greenwood City is currently partnered with the Victim's Services Office of Greenwood County. If you need their assistance, please visit see their page for further information

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