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Assistant City Manager

Draper Carlile (864) 942-8417


Current Projects Bid Results

The City of Greenwood follows formal contract procedures for all supplies and contractual services estimated to cost more than $25,000.  

Any contractor awarded work by the City shall:

  • Promptly pay all federal, state, and local taxes (including City of Greenwood Business License Tax) which may be assessed against him in connection with the work or his operations under the Agreement signed with the City, including, but not limited to, taxes attributable to the purchase of materials and equipment, to the performance of services, and the employment of persons in the prosecution of the work. Any individual performing work in the City of Greenwood shall have all proper licenses, including a City Business License
  • Be required to obtain all proper licenses requires, including a City Business License
  • Provide a valid Certificate of Insurance to the City.

The City of Greenwood reserves the right to reject any and all bids.   Additional information regarding the City's Procurement Code can be found in the Greenwood Code of Ordinances, Article V, Division 2. Purchasing.

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