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City Horticulturists make sure there is always something blooming... read more about the many projects below!

beautification conservation
collaboration education
Volunteers - Appreciation Dinner
Volunteers - Appreciation Gifts
Volunteers - Barbie Q Goes on a Trip
Volunteers - Bird House Project
Volunteers - City Garden
Volunteers - City Staff and Students
Volunteers - Greenhouse Workday
Volunteers - Hanging Baskets Project
Volunteers - Landscape Maintenance at the Federal Building
Volunteers - Maintaining Plants Uptown
Volunteers - Maintaining Plants
Volunteers - Master Gardener
Volunteers - Master Gardeners and Staff
Volunteers - Master Gardeners Meeting
Volunteers - Master Gardeners
Volunteers - Master Gardeners2
Volunteers - Master Gardeners3
Volunteers - Master Gardeners4
Volunteers - Master Gardeners5
Volunteers - Plant Propagation
Volunteers - Plant Propagation2
Volunteers - Plant Propagation3
Volunteers - Planting Birthday Cake Topiary
Volunteers - Planting Main Street
Volunteers - Planting Maxwell Ave
Volunteers - Planting Monarch Waystation
Volunteers - Planting Pollinator Garden
Volunteers - Planting the Topiary
Volunteers - Planting Uptown
Volunteers - Planting Vegetable Garden
Volunteers - Propagation Trays
Volunteers - Pruning Shrub at Market
Volunteers - Ready for Planting
Volunteers - T-Rex Topiary
Volunteers - Topiary Planting
Volunteers - Topiary Preparations
Volunteers - Transplanting
Volunteers - Working with Transplants
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