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Director of Public Works

Erek Leary (864) 942-8435

Public Works

The City of Greenwood Public Works Department is separated into two divisions: Streets & Sanitation. The Public Works Director is responsible for coordinating and managing the services of both divisions. The Sanitation Division is responsible for the collection of refuse/garbage inside of the City limits. The Streets Divisions handles the collection of environmental waste and maintenance of the City of Greenwood’s street system.

In an effort to provide you continuous quality service, the City of Greenwood Public Works Department offers several options allowing you to reach us quickly and easily on the first try. Please feel free to contact us by calling (864) 942-8434.  You can also reach us by submitted a Citizen Request Form.

logo-cpw-finalGreenwood Commissioners of Public Works
The Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works (CPW) provides utility services (water, electricity, and natural gas) inside all of the City limits are through portions of Greenwood County. To contact the Greenwood CPW, please call (864) 942-8100 or visit the CPW website at

635466355811230000Greenwood Metropolitan District

The Greenwood Metropolitan District (GMD) provides sewer services within the City of Greenwood. To contact Metro, please call (864) 943-8000 or visit their website at
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